Thursday, 14 March 2013

Letter holder


I started to tidy up the outside of my messy kitchen fridge yesterday. I get so sick of looking at all the ugly magnets and bills and rubbish that gets stuck on there. I just need to find another place to keep all that stuff. I have seen a 3 teired letter holder in a shop across the road from work for about $8. It is raw wood so I could easily paint it up white and put some labels on each slot. It could sit on the thin strip of wall next to the fridge.

I think I might walk over at lunchtime today and buy one and paint it up on the weekend.

Kind like this I guess.
Crisp White shabby / chic LETTER RACK French postcard design. Very pretty. | eBayHand-made cream bead board wall-hung letter holder with blue & white butterflies - $43.46Shabby Chic Letter Holder Wall Hanging White by LillyQueenVintage, $21.00

So here it is in it's raw state.

It took one coat of enamel undercoat and 2 coats of white gloss enamel.
I printed out some little labels on the label maker at work but silly me forgot to print "Bills" so did "Mail" and "Letters" which is basically the same thing twice. Der!!

And here it the fridge looking tidier.
It is anazing how much less stressed I feel with a tidy fridge. :)


  1. I can pick one up for you if you want Janie. Only $8 in the wood look.