Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easter is nearly here


This time next week it will be easter sunday. I will probably be pigging out on chocolate and hot cross buns. My crafty project for this week is not home based but to make my sons Easter bonnet for his school parade on Thursday. I have been looking on Pinterest and getting some good ideas.

Not a lot going on apart from that. Still no word back from the draftsman. We did chat with ou neighbours yesterday. We discussed their plans and our plans and we are both happy with what each other is doing.

Please mr draftsman call my husband this week to sort out these drawing issues. It would be great to have them finalised before easter.


  1. Fingers crossed you hear soon.

  2. Hubby called him yesterday and he promised (sort of) to get it done before easter. Yay! Hubby had to push him though, these draftsmen as so slack.