Thursday, 2 October 2014

Heating and cooling part 2

When we went to the HIA Home Show, we collected a few business cards for heating and cooling companies. After getting a few quotes we decided to go with a company called ColdFlow.I talked about that here.

We are getting a Daiken reverse cycle split system with multiheads. We will have 4 new heads. One each in the upstairs boys bedrooms, one in the upstairs retreat and one downstairs in the new living area.

We already have one Daiken in the kitchen area so that will be enough I hope.

We paid the deposit this week and we just got a call to arrange a time for them to come and rough in the wires. So Saturday week they will come. David wanted it to be a weekend so that he could supervise the work and make sure they didn't do a bad job like he has seen in other jobs he has worked on.

They will look like this:
Multi Split Air Conditioning from Daikin

I am now going to have to workout where the best spots in each room will be to mount them so they don't become and eyesore (not that they are super ugly at all).

This weekend we will be focusing on painting and trying to get the top level painted (if only it would all happen in one weekend!).


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