Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A visit to Bunnings

Not sure we will be allowed back in to the new Bunnings in Altona North after little Miss Heidi thought that the glass Santa ball ornaments were bouncy balls and tried to bounce one. Only to discover that glass smashes on impact with a concrete floor. She was in my bad books for the rest of the day.

I did have a chance to look at the potential moulding options for the external windows. One of the benefits of my daily morning runs and walks, is that I get to check out all the options for window trims in the area. I did come up with a favourite and snapped a quick photo before the camera battery died.
It is a simple wide square moulding with an overhang at the top cut on an angle. I showed Dave tonight and he thought it looked good but also will put on a piece on the top for water to run off. I will think of the name of it soon but right now it has slipped my mind.

So there were two options. A primed pine called Pinetrim:
At $17.60 for 2.7m lengths this was the cheapest option.

Else there was the Tas Oak hardwood.

Considerably more expensive. Dave wants to ask at the local Home Hardware where he gets all his other timber to see how much they are. But I do want it to be 110mm wide.

The other thing I was looking at, was cheaper ways to do the timber panelling on the ceilings like this.

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