Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Kids back at school

Today it was back to being just me and Heidi at home. I love my two quiet days week when I am not at work. I didn't have to make 3 different snack for 3 different is multiple times a day and I didn't have to break up any fights.

What did happen, is that our plumber came and move a own pipe that was put in the wrong spot (and dropped off the invoice), so that was cool. After I bribed Heidi to have a nap with the promise of pink icecream in a cone when she woke up, I managed to get a coat of paint on the outside of the window for Andrew's bedroom and once the is got home from school, I did another coat. If I can get two coats done tomorrow, it will be ready to put it on the weekend. However I don't think that is the plan.

Dave finished the first coat of yellow on the front wall of the house after work today.

Tomorrow I will be going to check out the new Bunnings in Altona North. I will look at lining boards for the ceilings and architraves for the outdoor windows.


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