Sunday, 12 October 2014

Roughing in for the air con

On Saturday morning at 10am, the guys arrived from ColdFlow to rough in for the split system air conditioning. That basically means to run all the cables and pipes through the studwork.

This is the downstairs one. Ideally I wanted to put it under the stairs on the back of the bathroom wall but they said it wasn't ideal. Apparently this spot isn't ideal either. They wanted it on the end wall opposite where the fireplace will go but I said no and it will be an eye sore above the TV and in the way of any built in shelves that I want to go there.
See the lovely white cables and pipes

Upstairs, we have three units. Each will go back to back, so each of the boys rooms will have one above their doorway and the retreat one will go above their doors on the other side.

So the next stage of that wont happen until after the plaster is on and they can hang the units.


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