Monday, 11 May 2015

More lights installed

It is Monday once again and while we did do some work on the weekend, it wasn't a lot because we had a few interruptions (like Mother's Day) and I wasn't feeling well.

The electrician put up the last of the lights

 They are all working now which is great to get some light in the new areas. However the powerpoints are not so we are still having to run leads around the place.

One of my requests for Mother's Day was to have the fireplace in place. First we had to lay the cement sheet on the floor, so Dave cut that to size. Luckily we got this free from an old job where they had left over pieces. They cost a lot so that was a bonus.
 Then in she went. Sorry you can't see much bit it still has the dust cover on it to protect it during installation.
Meanwhile, upstairs the rest of the beams in the retreat went up.
These will be painted white because we thought it may look too busy if they were wood stained.

Hopefully this week the plasterer will call about coming to stop-up the upstairs rooms.

Also, we aim to pick a piece of stone for the fireplace hearth.

I am so please with how it is all looking at the moment.



  1. You a definitely at the exciting part, Natalie. The lights look fabulous and the fireplace too. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. I just LOVE all your lighting! Thanks for your advice on mine...still deciding! I wanted to also let you know that your email came up as "no reply" so I couldn't email you back directly. Just thought I would let you know because sometimes people turn "no reply" just out of the blue! Anyway, thanks again! - Shelley