Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Plastering all done upstairs

 Talk about a busy few weeks. Oh man! Last week was madness. So much going on at work and at home.

A few more thing have happened. On Friday we had the plumber and the electrician here while I was running around looking for new car after ours is in need of too many repairs. The electrician hooked up more power points and the special point for the fireplace. Th plumber hooked up the gas line and got the fireplace working. I picked up the bluestone for the fireplace hearth which meant that Dave was able to continue with the floorboards.

We are all so in love with our new Lopi fireplace It looks AMAZING and the heat is devine on these cold Melbourne days. The kids love to run out from the shower and get warm in front of the fire.
Here is the hearth going in:

 The the plasterers have been here most night last week and last night, stopping up and sanding the walls upstairs and the stairwell.
This was to stop the dust coming down.
 And here is the upstairs finished. I now need to vacuum up all the dust. Yuck!

So really we are ready for painting and I think the paint shhop has a 20% off Haymes paint sale so we should buy some!


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