Monday, 18 May 2015

We're getting floored

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was beginning the staining of the staircase handrail. I have done one coat on the whole thing and have started the second coat. I am thinking it will need 3 coat all up.

I am loving how it is looking already.

The other thing that we began on the weekend was the floorboards in the new living area. He started off by sanding the yellow tongue flooring so it was all flat. All that water that we had on it last winter made it swell so this evened it up.

This is the first board down. You can see the timber LVL that is used as a straight edge to but the flooring against and that board under it is done last.
The glue was troweled on and then the boards nailed down. Dave was happy to be using his new t-nailer tool to make the job easier.

In action
Looking beautiful. Can't beat real timber in my opinion.
Troweling on the glue
Tomorrow after work the plasterer is meant to be coming to begin stopping up the upstairs and stairwell. Dave is rushing to finish of the plaster edges before he gets here.



  1. Everything is looking perfect. Both of you are hard workers.

    Keep you the fantastic work and the end result will be magnificent.

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