Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Some lights and fans installed

Before the lights could be hung, We needed to have some of the beams installed. Here they are after a big effort on Sunday.

So yesterday the electrician came to do more fit offs. He did the boys fans upstairs:

The downlights and pendant upstairs.

The gorgeous fans from the Josh and Jenna collection at Beacon Lighting.

The fireside pendants.

And the one over the dining table.

Dave needs to make a block to sit under the one for the staircase because it is a pitched roof and a fixed pole. Also tomorrow he should install the pendants over the kitchen bench. Fingers crossed he can wire them all up to be working also.



  1. Beams, fans and lights all look fantastic. And every time I see your red brick, I go a little bit green!

    1. And to think I wanted to plaster over it initially. ;)