Sunday, 13 September 2015

Moving into the new bedrooms

 It was a very exciting weekend for me and the kids. It was moving day!

Now that the upstairs rooms were carpeted, we could finally set up the rooms and move the boys in. The only thing missing was the blinds, but that was nothing a few 3M hooks and sheets and blankets couldn't fix for the short term.

Here is the kids retreat:

 Sammy's green bedroom:
 Andrew's blue bedroom (minus the yet to be finished wardrobe):
I spray painted the drawer pulls on the chest of drawers with oil rubbed bronze. They used to have space themed handpainted pictures that were too babyish for him now.
 This room gets so much afternoon sun.
 I brought up their old pennants to stick on their doors.
My awesome son, decided that he wanted a bedside table as he had never had one before. So he built one all by himself and painted it green. This kid is six mind you! How cool is it though!!! Excuse the second hand lamp from our bedroom. He will be getting a new one with a pull cord like his big brother eventually, when I get back to Ikea. I did put a spare carpet square under it in case it was still wet.
 He had a ball finding spaces for all of his Dad's old Star Wars toys.
Dave spent the weekend working on the drawers under the TV cabinet. This is how far he got at the end of the weekend. It is going to look so good!
On Wednesday I have a lady coming to quote and give ideas for blinds and curtains. That is a bit worrying. I am scared how much they will cost. I have heard bad things and keep wondering how I could do it cheaper myself.



  1. Blinds are so expensive but almost always look a million times better than a DiY job. I made a big mistake of ordering a roman blind for our new baby room through spotlight instead of the company we used for the other rooms to try save money and it was a big fail :(
    Boys rooms look fantastic btw :)

    1. Really? Ok then I will stay away from spotlight. I didn't see any fabrics that I liked there anyhow. Thanks for your advice :)