Sunday, 20 September 2015

Building the bespoke blackbutt built-ins

 How was that title for alliteration!

I really suck at post titles don't I. Oh well, I never did star in English class.

So another weekend has past and I think I missed it. Can we start it again?

Not much got done. Basically we only had two half days of work because Saturday we ventured to Pottery Barn (God I love that place) and this morning Dave had a job at another house to do. So we really didn't get much crossed off the to do list.

I painted the space above the fireplace black. It is a satin finish and looks great.

Dave spent his time working on the TV unit. He finished the blackbutt top...
He added a blackbutt edging around the front to make it look pretty and finished.
 Also, added pine strapping to cover the joins in the base cabinets.
 It extends into the nook around the corner where we will put a bar fridge. I am loving that idea. The drinks will be in arms reach of the TV.

Apart from that, I did more painting on the staircase and am getting closer to finishing the undercoat. I discovered the speed of a roller for this job, but about 2 hours too late.


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