Sunday, 6 September 2015

Installing our air con

Firstly, who watched The Block tonight?
That snuck up on me but very happy to have it back again. I think there is actually be some different styles this season which will be nice.

So, this week we have the reverse cycle air conditioners installed. The pipes were run 11 months ago in October last year. So it has been a drawn out process.

In the blue bedroom
In the green bedroom

In the kids retreat
The only thing I am mad about is they were unable to centre the system in the living room, which has totally ruined my curtain plan. Look how off centre it is.
My off centre living room air con
 I did mention that I painted the mantle in undercoat and it now looks like this.

Undercoated mantle

We did get the the plasterer back to plaster the tricky bit behind the stair railings. He did a good job and I managed to sand it back pretty well. So now we need to paint it.

This weekend was happily interrupted by Father's Day. So very little got done. But we did HAVE to get some things done in preparation for the carpet going down on Wednesday. So we needed to start building the built in wardrobe for Andrew's room. Dave built a base and but skirting on which I filled and painted up.
Base for wardrobe
 Then Dave installed the door stop and the magnets for Sam's bedroom wardrobe, which I, again, filled and pained up.
The other door handle finally arrived and yes it was the correct colour this time. Phew! I was going to be spewing if they sent the wrong colour again. So Dave installed them on Friday night and they looked perfect!
New door hardware
Oil rubbed bronze knobs for wardrobe.
I am super excited to see the carpet down this week and we can then start to move some things up. I vacuumed and scrapped all the glue and paint lumps off the floor and Dave added and punch some bad and missing nails in the floor. So it is all set. Woo hoo!

Here is to a good week ahead.


  1. Wow it's looking so good! Love the green and blue too 😊

    1. Thanks Leanne. Getting so close now huh.

  2. Love the colours looks great, bet your excited to get to the decorating stage :)

    1. Sure am Michelle. I bought my first art work today so that is super exciting.

  3. I have been seriously considering repainting my walls for some time. I am a single woman so there really isn't very much hurry about it. That's probably the problem. I don't have anyone to motivate me except for my dog who doesn't give a flip one way or another. Maybe I will just fork out the bucks to have professionals do it.

    Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating