Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Fireside bench seats

We now have a new place to sit.

On Saturday I went out to Ikea to pick up some things to make the fireside bench seat cushion.
For $59 each I got two toddler bed mattresses made from foam. I also bought some white material from Ikea (could be a mistake as they are already getting kiddie finger prints on them so this may change to navy or something more forgiving. Dave bought some chipboard from the hardware shop and I borrowed his staple gun. Here are the bits waiting to be assembled.
 And here is the bench before.
I managed to cut the foam pretty easily with just my sewing scissors.
Then I cut out the fabric and stapled it to the chipboard with the foam in between.
Here it is finished. Much cheaper than the $360 each I was going to pay for an online company to make it for me.
Then I went to Kmart and bought a few new cushions.

 Then I saw a Reindeer cushion in Kmart a few days later and added that for a festive look.

It is a great place to sit and the kids love having a little nook to sit in and read (who am I kidding, they are playing on the smart phone).

Here are the details of the products:

Ikea Vyssa Slappna Mattress for junior bed 2 x $59
Ikea Minna white fabric $35
Chipboard $15
Kmart lattice cushion 2 x $10
Kmart dream big cushion 2 x $10
Kmart reindeer cushion 2 x $10


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  1. Good on you for having a go yourself! It looks perfect! I can see the kids curled up there with their books...... ipads! :)