Thursday, 5 November 2015

Halloween and other happenings

So last weekend was an extra long one in Melbourne (well for those who took a day off on Monday and then had Tuesday off for Melbourne Cup) and there was a bit happening. Firstly Mum came over from Tassie for 3 night which was brilliant as she hadn't seen the house (or kids) for quite a while. It is fun showing it off to those genuinely interested,

Halloween found me making spider biscuits with Heidi:
 and decorating the house. I turned the dirt pile into a graveyard.
 We had spooky music coming from the from room like chains rattling, wolves howling and ghostly noises.

 Here are the cherubs all ready to go trick or treating.
 The following day was Sammy's 7th birthday.
He wanted to get a fish tank so we now have some extra members of the family and our first pet since losing Jerry our golden retriever 5 years ago. He got 4 guppies but we will get more soon.
 He is a Star Wars fan so I made him a Star Wars cake.
Not much news on the house front. Still digging holes and painting the staircase. Waiting to hear back from the engineer about a change to the drawing too.


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