Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Ikea laundry ideas

    Yesterday I did a flying trip to Ikea to plan the laundry.

I want something like this but can't decide on the perfect cabinet.

My plan is looking like this so far.

I took a few snaps of things I like.

So soon I need to make some tough decisions.

Actually the doors that I prefer are from Bunnings in the Alpine design in white.
all heart, all home:

Ahhh what to do??

Any suggestions?



  1. Is the gap under the bench for a front loading washing machine? If so I wouldn't have it near the door. Also visually (and I'm not good at visualising the reality from a drawing) I wonder about the long over bench cupboard on the left, giving a closed off rather than open feel when you enter through the left door. I love the examples that you posted from Ikea and Bunnings. I'm sure you will choose appropriately.

    1. Yes that is where the washing machine will go with the dryer above it. That is where the plumbing and electrical is. It has to be near an outside wall so the dryer can be vented outside.