Monday, 14 March 2016

Labour day labouring

How good are long weekends! I love it that I get a long weekend for my birthday too.

During the week I started painting the new laundry door. Then Dave did the architrave around the door and the highlight window above. I can't wait to paint it black and have already picked up a few paint samples. Who knew there were so many different blacks.
More work was done on the ensuite. Dave installed the cavity sliding door and then plastered around it and inside the ensuite. Oh and we also plastered the ceilling in there too.

Sorry about the horrid photo, but here are the shower niches which Dave just finished putting the cement sheet in ready for waterproofing. I am so excited about my footrest.
 The the door was architraved. The base blocks were glued and nailed...
and oh course it all must be level!
Then the rest of the architraves were put on. 

 So, it is starting to look a bit more finished now.

It wasn't all work on my Birthday weekend though. We took a quick road trip to Geelong to have lunch.

I really hope that this ensuite gets moving a bit faster. It is so close but still so much to do.
Have a good week everyone,