Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ensuite lining boards and wardrobe

Another week has past in This Little Yellow House. It is meant to be getting close to winter here but it is unseasonably warm. It was even tropical at 6am this morning on my jog. I would love the weather to continue like this all year.

So last weekend, David lined the ensuite walls with pre-primed lining boards. Here he is after cutting some to size and sealing the cut ends with paint.
 Here they are beginning to be installed. The worst thing about using these pre-primed boards is the horrible smell. And it is still lingering around even after one coat of undercoat.
Dave took the day off on Friday to watch our son run in the district cross country race, so he used the rest of the day to do a few more things to the house. Also the electrician came and installed the fan, downlights and wall lights in the ensuite (yet to by globes for these)
 He made ups some frames for the shelves in the new wardrobe out of pine which I then painted white. He got some melamine (one was a free off-cut, yay) to use for the shelves on top. I bought a Malm Ikea 4 drawer dresser which I put together and Dave attached to the wall and skirted up to it so it looked a bit more like a built-in.
 We also re-used the old shelves which we had in the wardrobe and cut them back, and attached them to the side wall. Dave bought some blackbutt timber and lined the front of the shelves to make it a bit of a feature. He loves it. Also the electrician installed a new pendant light (Kmart bargain) as there was no light in the old cupboard. It still needs some carpet but that will happen when he replace the whole bedroom carpet in a few months.
New walk-in wardrobe before the mirrored sliding doors were put back on.
That is about it for now. Just waiting for the marble to get made for the vanity. It was meant to be in last week but I think the stone guy had to go to hospital or something. Hoping he is better and the marble will be ready soon.


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