Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Marble vanity top

Tuesday was a pretty exciting day for me.

Firstly I arranged for Dave to drop past Pottery Barn after work (because he was working not far from there) and pick up a mirror to go in the new ensuite. I have been looking for a mirror for months now and I just couldn't find anything that was a) the right size and b) the right style. Then I saw this new one on the Pottery Barn website (which was there a few hours ago but seems like it has been taken down now. There was only 2 left in the store and I bought 1 so maybe they are all gone already) and thought it looked great. The size was perfect and it was $404 so not too expensive. Dave managed to get about $40 off it by signing his email address up.

You may have seen this on my Facebook page.

Lucky I got Dave to pick it up because when I saw the size of the box, it wouldn't have fit into my car.

Here is the picture from the website:
The colour is called Silver Gilt but it almost has a greenish tone to it. It wont match the taps but I think it wont clash with it either.

Then, late morning, the miracle arrived. And it was beautiful!!

Dave's brother came after work and they installed it. It was a fiddly job because the tilers did a too good of a job and the tiles were too close. So they had to file the tiles back which took a while.
 The drawers and sides are being installed on Saturday, but at the moment it looks like this.

And the pretty lights look so nice with the lining boards. I still need to buy globes for them.
The plumbers are coming early next week to fit off the toilet, basins, shower and taps. Then I think On Wednesday the shower screen is getting installed. Then we are ready to go!!! I can't believe it. This weekend I will make sure that I have painted up the windows in there and do any other touch ups and polish the wall tiles.

The other project was the walk-in wardrobe. It is now in use and full of our clothes.
 It just needs new carpet but that will happen later.
I think that Dave wants to start building the deck off the back of the house on the weekend. He already bought some of the timber for it and has the decking boards being held for him at the Urban Salvage.

 Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? It seems to be coming into view.



  1. Wow, that ensuite looks so beautiful! I love the marble top and it goes so well with the tiles... and lights.. and lining boards! It really looks so lovely. I'm really excited to be watching it... and just a wee bit jealous. Ha ha. Happy days!

    1. Awww thanks for the vote of confidence. Along the way I just pray that it all works well in the end. LOL