Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tip for cleaning engineered stone benchtops

We have had our kitchen for about 10 years. It has an engineered stone benchtop in a Glacier colour. It has been wonderful; up until about 3 months ago when I started to notice some staining around the most used area.

I tried many things to remove these stains (many wear cup marks from my tea cups) but nothing helped and I think the metho even made it worse because after that it started to stain even more.

Today I tried something new. Toothpaste.

Here is the before shot.

I used plain Colagate toothpaste that we use on our teeth everyday and an old cloth.
I had already done most of the cleaning in this photo so the bench looks ok here.

Here is the after shot. Note that I have only done up to that join so you can see the difference in the two areas.
Here is a closer shot of that area. I might say that it did look worse in real life than in these photos.

Needless to say I am so thrilled that I no longer look at my bench in despair and it now looks fresh and clean again.



  1. What a handy hint! I use White Glo toothpaste for my teeth and it has really kept my teeth whiter, so I'd reckon that'd work even better. On our engineered stone bench tops I just slosh them over with Domestos - well the cheap version of it. I squirt it over, then wipe it all over with a wettish cloth, leave it a few minutes and the stains are gone. No idea whether I should use it or not, but it definitely works. We had Caesarstone in our previous house and it didn't seem to stain as badly as what we have now, Quantum Quartz. The QQ also seems to chip very easily. Been a bit disappointing all up.

    1. Interesting about the Quartz. I thought that was meant to be the bees knees. Sorry it has let you down.