Sunday, 22 May 2016

So close to a finished ensuite

Firstly look at my pretty basin!

It was Wednesday when the plumbers came back to fit off the ensuite. Also that same day the shower screen was installed.

There was one hiccup though. Because the tilers put such thick grout under the tiles, the pipes for the shower mixer didn't stick through far enough to put the mixer on. So Dave had to cut through the new, freshly painted wall behind it and move the noggin foward a bit. That was depressing and took hours because the noggin was nailed in and the nails were so close to the pipe we had to be super careful we didn't cut the pipe. But it is done now. We turned on the shower once we fixed the pipe and water spouted out the join in the shower rose. So now we need to wait until the plumbers come back during this week until we have our first shower. However the basins and toilet are all working.
 This morning David hung up my Pottery Barn mirror and it looks terrific.
As you can see in the below photo, we are still waiting for Dave's brother to do the drawer fronts for the vanity. Not sure why he didn't turn up. I guess it is a brother thing.
At the moment, we just have a suction toilet roll holder for $10 from Bunnings until we save for something decent.
 In the below photo you can see the shower screen.

 Finally I bought some light globes for the wall lights.
 Today saw Dave put our new entrance set on the laundry door. It will be great to be able to go straight from the laundry to the clothes line instead of walking through the house and out the back door and down the side of the house.

 He even went old school carpentry on the striker plate notches.

 I love the look of these handles.
I went to Ikea yesterday and bought the farmhouse Domsjo sink for the laundry and the yummy black tap and the base cabinet. Hopefully the plumbers can fit this off during the week and I will actually be able to move the washing machine out of the bathroom and into the new laundry. Wow!! What will that feel like? I have been doing laundry in the bathroom for ages now, I don't remember what it is like to have it in it's own room.
We also sold our old baltic pine floorboards on Ebay tonight and made $460. That just paid for my Ikea trip. Also sold our old plaster sheet lifter for $150. I am trying to sell 3 old internal doors too so fingers crossed that they sell. Every little bit helps.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. The ensuite looks so beautiful! I just sat here, mouth agape, looking at it. Honestly, it has just come together so well. You've really made great decisions there, Natalie, well done.

    Was the laundry tub hard to install? I'm planning on putting one in my kitchen later this year

    1. You are too kind Elisabeth :)

      Well it is just sitting on the cabinet at the moment as it is meant to be installed after the benchtop (which obviously is missing) and the plumbers still need to hook it all up, which should be on Thursday. We will need to be able to lift it slightly to get the new bench under when the time comes though. I think it will be tricky.