Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bits and pieces

Hello, how's it going? Winter has set in now and I am enjoying the little luxuries I am allowed in winter. Like hot teas full of delishious spices, scrummt toasted sandwiches and hot chocolates in front of the fire. I even bought a kit of S'mores for the first time to try on the weekend.

Last weekend I didn't do a thing on the reno as I had Mum visiting from Tassie and staying in Heidi's room. So we spent time with her. However, David did get a few things done. He worked on the back deck and some window trim and skirting around the pillars under the stairs.
Skirting around pillars

Back deck joists

Canopy on window

Canopy on window

Painting the trim

More window canopy.
This afternoon at 4pm, the surveyor is coming around to do the inspection on the deck frame. Then if that passes and when the new boards have acclimatised, we can lay the deck!! Woo hoo!

We are still waiting to hear back from a cabinet maker about the laundry and other cabinets that we need made. Why must people be so slow?

Anyway, happy weekend everyone,

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