Thursday, 2 June 2016

Another ceiling

So winter has arrived in Melbourne and our desire to hibernate and enjoy hot chocolates around the fireplace is growing. However, there is still some work getting done around the house. We try to do bits are pieces when we get a chance. Like, while the roast chicken was in the oven on Tuesday evening, I painted another coat of black satin paint on the laundry door. Then after dinner Dave did some gapping between skirting boards and architraves in preparation for painting.

We had a delivery of timber too. This is the Mahogany decking boards for the back deck. Maybe we will get some of these down on the weekend.
During the week after work, Dave also managed to get some of the lining boards up on the ceiling above the deck. This is going to look so nice once it is done. I think I might even have a try of spray painting this.
We are still trying to get hold of Dave's brother who was meant to put the drawers on the bathroom vanity but he is hiding apparently. Don't blame him, he he.


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