Sunday, 26 June 2016

Doing the back deck

Wow! This weekend was COLD in Melbourne town. Brrrr..  I had to get the ice off my car window this morning and froze watching my son play Footy this morning. Yesterday, during the morning and early afternoon, the weather was more tolerable, so Heidi helped me start oiling the bottom and sides of the decking boards.

We used this.
Dave painted all the joists black as required by our surveyor to protect from the weather and water sitting on the joists. We just used Wattyl Solargaurd.
Then he started laying them. Didn't get very far though because we ran out of room to layout the boards for painting. But we got this many done (sorry for the bad photo) and during the week I will try to paint more.
Not much on this week. It is school holidays so I guess I will be entertaining the kids on my days off rather than renovating. Hopefully though we get the next cabinet quote in during the week.


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  1. It's a labour of love sealing timber boards! The deck is going to look great when it's done :)