Sunday, 19 June 2016

My beautiful vanity

My goodness, where did the weekend go? I think I blinked and missed it. Friday night, the surveyor came and gave us the ok on the deck frame. Phew! Poor Dave had to work on Saturday so he didn't get any work done on our house. He spent all day today doing the scribers on the outside windows out the back and in the blind sideway.

But the most exciting part was that the drawers were finished off for our ensuite vanity. I just need to pick some handles now and it is pretty much done. However, at some stage we still need to put a dado rail along the top of the tiles.

 Here are some of the scribers on the outside windows. It really finishes off the architraves so professionally and no spaces for spiders to hide behind.

I have been thinking ahead to when we will need to buy a dining table. I spied this one in Harvey Norman today and although it is too big, I really liked the table.
The finish on the top looked really nice and rustic, but it was so nice and smooth and would be easy to wipe down. I might have to find out if they do a smaller one.

On Tuesday, we have a guy coming out to take a look at the cabinetry we need for the laundry, kitchen and then all the drawers and wardrobes that we need. We already got one quote and it was about $10k which I didn't think was too bad, but if this guys cane do it cheaper, I wont complain. If he could, then we could get nicer counter tops and change the existing kitchen doors.



  1. The ensuite is looking great. You really did well with that mirror. Congrats

  2. Oh I love the drawers! I'm going to DIY my kitchen cabinet doors into Shaker style, but if I could get them made that beautifully I would jump at it. You must be so pleased with them. Can't wait to see what hardware you choose.

    Did your husband have to cut those scribers to fit, or can you buy them? I never even knew they existed! They look really good.

    1. Thank you.

      The scribers are all done by my husband. A slow painful job but looks so much better we think. He can be a bit of a perfectionist so likes to do all this fancy bits properly.

  3. Your ensuite looks beautiful! Well done. Your hubby did a great hob on the scribers, it helps being a perfectionist. It's been a while since I checked in, looking forward to going back through to see how the rest of your reno is going. xx