Sunday, 10 July 2016

Windows and painting

Gee, I just realised that I haven't done and update in ages. I am getting slack with the blog as we are nearing the end. I may have even heard Hubby say last night that it should be ready for final inspection in 6 weeks!!  Of course that don't include things like painting and finished cabinets, but after the building works have finished we can take our time with the rest and get our weekends back whenever we want without a time pressure over our heads.

Last weekend I decided I should start to prep the hallway for painting. Currently it is a pale yellow, which I don't mind at all but just not in keeping with the rest now.
First thing I needed to do was to replace the light fitting. But on asking Dave, the answer was no. So I resorted to spray painting it Oil-Rubbed Bronze. At least then it wouldn't be gold anymore.

 Then I filled and sanded the skirts and archs and gave them a coat of undercoat/sealer. The colour that I chose for the hallway (and kitchen) is a Sherwin-Williams colour called Repose Grey.

Here is the cutting in I did with the sample pot. I am yet to purchase the big tin.
It is a greige I think (mix between grey and beige). Anyhow, I love it. Oh and I decided I would paint the picture rail white too.

The deck is finished now. Just needs to be oiled. Here it is almost finished.
Heidi is giving it a test run.
This weekend, we replaced the old kitchen window with the new window which will allow the new kitchen cabinets to pass underneath. 

The old window gone and framing the for the new window.

New window with architrave
We have a new painter. He is helping do the yucky outside work. Today he is beginning on painting the ceiling of the deck.
Sneaky photo of the painter this morning.
On Saturday I finished putting the obsecured film on the upstairs windows, but I will post about that latter.

Tomorrow the sparkie is coming to do some electrics and hang the new laundry light and move the kitchen pendants to be above the bench.




  1. It's looking really good!

  2. What an interesting blog post. It is so nice to see somebody taking on impressive renovations themselves! You certainly do have a great eye for detail. Your decking looks amazing! I need to do my own and I'm taking inspiration from yours. Keep us all updated on the progress, and definitely show us the finished article!

    Richmond Gordon @ WaterLoo CertaPro