Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Final Inspection

When we last left off, I mentioned that we were about to have the final building inspection. The good news is that we passed. So officially we are done!!

Since this news, we have really taken it easy and haven't done a thing on the house. Even went for a day trip with the kids on Saturday for the first time in ages. It has been so nice and we are feeling so relaxed.

We started to tidy up the garden on Sunday because the weather was amazing. I pruned all the roses and we cleared the front porch. I do need to get a new doormat now as the old one is filter with years of building dust in it.

Speaking of doormats.... I picked up this cutie today for inside the laundry door.
We still need to wait for the cabinetry (they are saying November now) but we are delaying the kitchen cabinets until we save up some money to replace all the doors at the same time.



  1. Congratulations! Enjoy your rest. :)

  2. It must be nice to know that you can proceed at your own pace now that the officials have been.

    1. It really is :) But still have an eagerness to do more work. I just need to remember that we have 3 kids to love for a while first.

    2. Good idea. They will remember your loving more than they remember the difference between a "beautiful" house and a not so "beautiful" house. But a happy Mamma is a happy family!

  3. Hi Natalie, your home looks amazing. What a fabulous renovation. Sam