Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Floors finished!!! And dryer venting.

Holy moly!  It feels like a totally new house now.

Last week we moved out of our place for 3 nights whilst the floors got sanded and polished.

We stayed up the road in some cute cabins at a caravan park and I must say, I enjoyed it more than I should have. It felt like a mini holiday even though we were still going to work and school and were 5 mins away from our house.

Enjoying top bunk
School work in bed with Dad
Cabin with Kitchen
I now have a whole new appreciation for our house. It looks, and feels, so different. There is something about getting the floors done, be it timber, tile or carpet, that completely changes the feel of a space and instantly makes it feel complete.

The only gripe I have is that I asked him to put the darker filler in the nail holes. Even gave him the one that I used. But he used his lighter one and now I can see light spots on the floor, whereas the darker one was pretty much invisible. Still, from a distance they looks great. He did use the dark one in the hallway so that does look amazing! We used Bona Traffic HD in matt finish.
After sanding, before the finish
Finished product

Heidi admiring the new floor
After we moved back in, we did some work on the weekend. Dave finished the installation of the dryer so it now vents outside instead of fogging up the house.
Dryer up and vented
 You can see the plastic vent pipe going through the wall here:
Vented through the wall
 This is the vent on the outside. Still to paint the wood block though.
Dryer vent on the outside of the house.
So it is so wonderful to have a properly functioning laundry now. You have no idea! And also the fact that the clothes line is a few steps away out the door is amazing.

Dave also continued working on the deck by doing the plinth boards around the edges.
Dave cutting the boards
Plinth boards

 I have been getting my paint on lately. I painted the new cornice around the TV unit.

And I have also been prepping and painting the architraves and skirtings in the kitchen and laundry. It is looks so fresh and clean now.

Also on the weekend we went dishwasher shopping. I have been without one for about 3 months or so and gee I have missed it. We used to have an Electrolux Dishlex. It was never that great and the last few years has really been playing up. I did my research and people were all saying that the ones that washed well and were reliable were Bosch, Miele and Asko. We ended up with an Asko as it was a special for $300 off which brought it down the price of the Bosch I wanted. I have used it twice so far and am very impressed. Hoping it will last us 20 years.

Dave installed it and saved us $100.

Only other things happening at the moment are, the building of a step and landing outside the laundry door, and more painting inside.

Oh and I forgot one other thing that we did (with the help of a strong fit neighbour), we moved the stone benchtop back into the kitchen. So instead of having an old door as my work surface, I now have my wonderfully smooth bench back! LOVE!

Now we just need to save money and wait for the cabinetry.


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