Sunday, 14 August 2016

Step and landing

Firstly... how beautiful was it in Melbourne yesterday; and again today. It really feels like Spring will be here soon.

We did a few things to the house on the weekend. One thing was that Dave built the landing and step for outside the laundry door.

Landing outside the laundry door
Painted the frame black to stop rot

Almost done. Just need to put on some plinths.
Luckily we had enough decking boards left over so this was a cheap addition.

This had to be done in order to pass the inspection. Speaking of inspection, I overheard David say that he hopes this can get done this week!! That would be the final inspection and our house is officially done in the eyes of the council. Cue flashback...

Where were we 3 years ago? Well we were up fed up with all the paperwork. We were about to hand in the papers to apply for the owner builder permit.

So happy we are not back at that stage, but also it was so exciting back then.


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