Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Return of the kitchen benchtop

Hello, it is going to be another warm day today, albeit very windy. Good for washing the dust off the winter blankets.

So, last post I mentioned that we put the kitchen benchtop back on. Here she is:

You have no idea how brilliant it is to have work space again. That old door was just impossible to keep clean, let alone cut anything on.

When we redo the kitchen, this benchtop will be made smaller, because you can see that it is too long the get past on each side. So we will lose 2 stools but by that time we will have a dining table (hopefully).

The plan is still to get the final inspection done on Monday. I have chased up all the compliance certificates and they are ready to show.

It seems so long ago that we were chasing up the startup paperwork. So much better to be doing the final paperwork!!!!


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