Monday, 5 May 2014

Fixed the fence

We had to pull part of the fence down in the early hole digging stages to pour the concrete for the fenceline footing. You can see the gap here.

It has been open since then but lately we put a tarpaulin over it for security.

Last night, after work, Dave finally got around to putting the fence back up. The neighbours will be moving in any day now so it's due.

Last night

And today

Also did some extra wall bracing with ply in the second bedroom upstairs. Now we really get a sense of the space up there.

No other news of interest right now. Hopefully more action soon.



  1. I just found your blog, am following! Looking forward to reading back over the weekend! :)

    1. Hi there Ness,
      Thanks for checking out my blog.
      My posts have been a bit slow lately but hoping that more action comes soon.