Saturday, 17 May 2014

Building the scaffold

Yesterday evening the building surveyor came to inspect the frame for the second storey. Now it may have been due to it being dark outside, or him wanting to get home to end his week, but he passed it with flying colours. Brilliant!

So now we can get the roof done on the second level. To do that we have to have scaffolding. We got a quote for that clip on scaffold like this.

It would have cost us $1100 for 9 days.
So we wondered how much it would cost us in timber to build our own; something like this:

So we priced the timber and it was also about $1000. The best part about building our own is that we can reuse all the timber. Yay!

So today we did this.

 We finished about half of it today. So hoping to get it all ready by Tuesday and praying the weather is good and the stars are alined so the plumber can do the roof this week. Fingers crossed everyone.

To do the scaffold all the way around, we had to move the massive rubbish pile under the tree, and cut the tree back.

There are still some blocks and bricks to clear out. And where did all that rubbish go I hear you ask? To the front yard. One pile is wood to burn that a friend will use for their fireplace and the rest will have to be taken to the tip.
How delightful!

In other news, our skylight has come into the shop, so we will have to pay for that soon and pick it up. After the roof is on, that is our next priority. Yay!



  1. A lot of renovating time seems to go on moving rubbish from place to another (for us anyway), so it's good that you can get rid of a chunk of it by giving the wood to friends. Exciting about the second storey, bet you are excited to have that up and the roof on!

    1. It also seems like so much double/triple handling of rubbish too. Such a thankless task. I am desperate to get that roof on. After that we can stress less and take our time with the weatherboards, plaster etc.