Monday, 12 May 2014

Hubby is going to be mad

A few weeks ago now, Mr 5, Sam, was playing with the kitchen light switch and snapped it off. It is one of those old heritage ones with the little knob that sticks out. So we have been sticking our finger in the socket to manually switch it on and off. Super unsafe! It would flicker and you'd see sparks.

So, now that I have my tools that I got for Mother's day, I decided to fix it!
Now, Dave is a stickler for the rules and doesn't like messing around with the electricity. I even fixed the TV antenna a few weeks ago. So when I said I will fix it, he told me not to touch it. That is why I will probably get into trouble today. I fixed it!

The one in my hand is the old broken one, You can see the gold knob is gone.
I just turned off the power to the house lights. But first I left one light on so I knew they really were off. Then I unscrewed the two top and bottom screws. I saw there was a red and white wire. I took note of where they went and unscrewed them from their holes.

Then I swapped the switches and screwed them back into those same holes in the new switch, screwed the whole thing back on the wall and ta da!!

So easy, I don't know why he was so worried. I am not going to tell him what I did, just see how long it takes him to notice.

Yesterday the roofers finished the second side of the lower storey roof.
I think the next day or two the top level frame will be ready for inspection and if that passes, we can get that roof done. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

And here is Baby, the neighbour's cat who comes to visit us.



  1. You are good! I am impressed. And how cute is Baby? (and knows it).