Monday, 7 July 2014

Build expo and a few more boards

We went to the Build and renovating expo in Melbourne yesterday. It was pretty busy as usual but we did get a few questions answered and got some contacts for things such as solar power and flooring. The best display there was from a business called Eco Timber Group. They are located in Richmond, Melbourne and recycle old timber into flooring or decking or decorative paneling For example they had wood from Princess pier on their wall display. We really want to go to look at their showroom but can imagine how expensive they will be.

The best part is eating all the lollies that the stalls have on their displays to attract visitors. Even got a killer python at one. He he he....

At the house we just got a few more weatherboards on. We finished off this side. That last board was tricky with lots of cuts to be made to go around the rafter tails.

Then we started on this wall:
Dave firstly straightened it with packers before wrapping it like this:
Opps, didn't mean to get his bum in the shot. At least there is no plumber crack showing.
 And tonight it looks like this.
The other issue that I have been looking into is the film to put on our windows to make them obscured. After getting a bit confused looking online, I called the expert. My brother in Tassie who owns Mastertint Tasmania. He knows what film to put on and is going to send some over for us with instructions on how to apply it. Phew! It's nice to have people in the know. Thanks bro!



  1. Glad you enjoyed the Build and Renovating Expo :) The Eco Timber Group sounds really interesting, I would like to see their showroom too. You are lucky to have some expert advice on call for your window film - so many times we have wished we knew or were related to someone in the building and renovating industry, every little bit of help is so useful!

  2. Well I have you to thank for the free tickets Nat :) Lucky because parking was $17!!!!
    Yes between my husband the chippy, his mates and my brother it sure is comforting to have sound advice some times.