Friday, 25 July 2014

Good Friday

Some good things happened day:

1) On my lunchtime walk today I found $2, so I went to the shop and bought a big packet of mini kit kats and gave all my workmates one.

2) Dave got $100 from a workmate who sold some junk from their work site on Ebay and shared the winnings.

3) I got home to find that some more weatherboards had been delivered for the second storey.
I moved the all around the side so Dave could get his car in the driveway.

4) I got the news that I was hoping for. The plumber is coming tomorrow to finish some roof stuff and put the long awaited skylight in! Woo hoo!

5) I got excited and started painting some windows before dinner. Just the smallest ones that I could lift.
6) Our steelwork was being made today. That means soon we can install it and finish laying the yellow tongue flooring.

So it is all happening and I am starting to get a bit of excitement and motivation back. I think once winter has past, and I am not so cold and miserable, we will be getting a lot more done.

Happy Friday!

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