Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Painting timber windows

So a few days ago I gave a sneak peak of the windows being painted. Today I will give a bit of a better run down for anyone out there that might want to tackle the dauting task of painting their raw timber windows.

Firstly, Dave asked the painters at his work for some advice (as you do when you have free advise close at hand). They suggested using the below Solver paint. It is an acrylic (ie washes out in water) timber primer that is great for external timbers. They suggested the Multfill puty for filling the nail holes. In the past we have had issues with putties shrinking so it was good to get advice from the professionals.


They also recommended the Monarch brand brushes which I picked up from Bunnings today. You can see a funky one that I grabbed that said it was good for windows so I tried it today. It was ok but can't see the big deal in the triangle shape to be honest. Almost felt too bulky for the fine cutting in.

It is much better, however, that the small kids paint brush I was using last night to do the cutting in. Here is me watching TV whilst painting in the living room. Ahhh the things you do when it is freezing and dark outside.

The painters suggested one first coat of the primer. Here is that fancy window brush in action doing the edges around the glass.

 After one coat is dry, fill the nail holes with the putty.

Once the putty was dry, we sanded it back.

They said you need to sand it until you can see the timber coming through, like this.

Then once they are all sanded you need to sand any other rough spots before wiping away any powder left over. Then apply a second coat of primer and again lightly sand. After that, they said to do three, (yes bloody 3!) top coats of the solarguard or equivalent paint.

This could take a long time. But it has to be done. I just try to imagine how nice they will look in the end.

Ok, back to the paint brush now.


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