Saturday, 26 July 2014

Let there be light

Yes that's right. We now have a skylight in the kitcken!!! Happy dance required.

Skylight is in. Excuse the mess.

I took my son to Auskick this morning whilst Dave and the plumber worked on the skylight. When I came back it wasn't in yet but the roof was off so I could still get the effect. It was amazing. It is such a grey Melbourne day today (again) so I could get a real sense of the extra light I would be getting even on an overcast day. Can't wait to see the difference it will make on a sunny day.

David even managed to plaster around it tonight. So it looks pretty much finished except for the solar blind and stopping up the plaster and painting. But I am in no rush now. Just thrilled that I will no longer have to have the lights on during the day.

Putting the glue on for the plaster

Helper Heidi cleaning up the mess
The finished product at night time

Looks better in the day time
I also did a little more window painting while Heidi had her sleep.

So that was my Saturday. I am thrilled with the outcome. Now to relax with a Oreo McFlurry. Ahhhh......



  1. Awesome!! I desperately want a skylight in our hall way I bet yours will look great when it's all done! These old houses are full of character but so often lacking in natural light I totally get why you would be excited for this!

    1. Now I have one, I want more! Bite the bullet Dani and get that skylight for your hallway. You can thank me afterwards :)

  2. Skylights are fantastic and yours looks great - can see why you are so excited to have it installed! We have one in our bathroom but I'd really love one in the hallway too, as there isn't much natural light at all there (another thing to add to the list of wants!).