Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Almost roofed

I normally get out of bed at about 6am each morning and go for a run (or walk). This morning was cold and dark and I was tired from getting up the the kids during the night. But then I remembered that the roof was going on today and decided that it was going to be a day worth getting up for. So I did go for my run and had a spring in my step all the way knowing what was about to happen.

Check it out folks!
Ok, so it isn't finished yet and it doesn't look amazing, but hey it is doing a lot better than the black plastic we had up!



He also put the ridge capping on the front roof, Dave just told me.

Also in the street today, we had the street workers digging up the footpaths and nature strips.
Not our side of the street yet but on the opposite. Hoping ours gets done tomorrow. :)


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