Sunday, 7 December 2014

Our stairwell

Not much happened this weekend. It rained and rained in Melbourne. Typical pre Christmas weather here.

Painted a few scribber for the windows and canopies.

So we turned to inside jobs and that meant the stairwell. Dave straightened the walls, insulated them and braced them with ply.
First Dave put up the plastic so the mess was minimised and also gave the bathroom some privacy from the kitchen again.
 Then these walls went up.

The stair well feels so high and really gives the house a regal feeling. I love it.

In other news, the quote from the stair guy came in. It will be a bit more than $10K. Eeek!! I expected that though as I want it to be just right and don't want to skimp on it. We gave him the go ahead so he can order the blackbutt treads. So that lead us to make the flooring final decision. Blackbutt. Again, expensive but beautiful.

This week we will also put in an order for some plaster.
Next week the sparky is meant to come to run the cables.
Also waiting for the plumber to fix up a few pipes so we can dismantle the old laundry wall and plaster the stairwell in readiness for the stairs.

So many little decisions to be made right now and it makes me nervous I will get them wrong.

Fun times.


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  1. Its looking good! Always a mad dash to get stuff done before the end of the year isnt it!