Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Our solar blind

This job was done a few weeks ago but being busy with other things plus Christmas, I didn't get around to showing the result. So, what we did was install the Velux solar blockout blind that we bought when we got the skylight for the kitchen. We thought it would be a pain to install and get working so it got pushed to the side. After getting a few hot days, we knew we needed the blind up because the hot summer sun was roasting the kitchen.

It was actually very simple to install and being solar there were no wiring issues to deal with.

Check it out:

Opened blind

Closed blind
 And the difference it make to the room is amazing. It feels like a different house when it is closed.

Here it is open fully.
 Now half open.
 And now fully closed.

Actually it feels a lot darker in real life that these photos.

The house stays so cool on the hot days now and we don't even have it all insulated yet.

Happy new year!

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  1. Wow! That solar blind beautifully brightened up the kitchen in magnificent lengths, Natalie. I'm glad you decided to get it installed. I'm sure breakfast has never been the same again after that.Thanks for sharing and take care! :)

    Rachael Massey @ Auto Controls