Friday, 26 December 2014

Break is over so back into the renovations

We had a wonderful little Christmas and hope you all did too. I ate too much as usual but that half the fun of it huh.

So we had two days break and today we are back at it again.

Started off my cutting down some more scaffold and sanding back and painting this north facing wall which was starting to dry out in the northerly sun. So now it is smooth and has one coat of undercoat to protect it for a while.

Also, we cut out the house wrapping stuff to open the space where we are about to put in the window. These were supposed to be double glazed but we didn't check the order and the lady put them a single glazed. Opps.

I love seeing little changes like this along the way, where by we get a different feel to the room in one way or another. In this instance, a new light source changes the feel of the room once again.

Ok back to the reno work for me. Be back with the window in soon.


ETA:  Ok I am back with photos of the window in place.

I think Dave has plans to plaster this wall tomorrow.

I think it looks good from the outside.

At the moment we are tag team painting this side wall.
I did as high as I could reach and now he is taking over.

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