Monday, 15 December 2014

Running the power cables

So yesterday and today, Phil the sparkie came and ran the new cables for the lights, powerpoints and data lines into the extension. This is a big step and it means we can now start putting up plaster whenever we want to.

I was very happy with the electricians work. He arrived on time the day he said he would and we left some of the positioning of the downlights up to him and I am very happy with his choice. He still has to come back to run the cables for the staircase lights after the stairs are installed (whenever that may be. But the timber has been ordered and is coming down from Sydney.Yay!).

Here are all the cables:

Phil decided to put these two down lights over on the racked ceiling

More downlights and fan in the living room

Outside lights either side of the doors and an external powerpoint

Upstairs power and data for the kids retreat

Plates for powerpoints in Andrew's room

This is near the dining room where the phone line will come in
On the weekend we did some tip runs to clean up the mess around the outside of the house. 3 ute loads later and it is looking a lot better but still more to go. We really need to get cracking on the painting of the exterior upstairs so we can cross that all off the list and finish the weatherboarding.

The windows that we were meant to collect on Friday but couldn't, will be collected on Friday morning before my husbands work breakup BBQ. So maybe they can get a quick coat of sealer and be installed this weekend. Maybe? It is almost Christmas after all.

Seasons greetings,


  1. Theres no underestimating a good tradie! Bribe him with biscuits and a cuppa and he'll be at your house early every time!

    1. He even swept up the mess but only because my husband told Phil that he had earlier warned me that he was messy, so he wanted to prove him wrong as he knew I was watching the mess :) he he