Monday, 27 April 2015

Beginning the fireplace

We have had a bit of progress with the fireplace this evening. It is 9.10pm and Dave is just packing up his tools now. He is a hard worker that is for sure. As it is getting dark early now, we asked the neighbour if he had a spare work light. He said he didn't, but a few minutes later we get a text message saying that he is driving to is father in laws place to borrow one. Wow! How nice is he? We are so lucky to have awesome neighbours around us.

So this is what happened tonight (of course his little helper was never far away, even sitting nearby to do his reading homework to Daddy whilst he worked so he didn't miss anything).

Setting out the base

Marking the roof

Putting up some studs No idea if the nail gun kept the kids awake or not.

Starting to look like my mock up picture now huh.
Tomorrow the electrician should be coming to start some work, so I am looking forward to that.


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