Sunday, 25 October 2015

Bedside table bargain

I have been on the lookout for a second hand bedside table for my daughter for months now. I wanted something with at least one drawer and an open shelf. My inspiration were these Pottery Barn Kids tables.
Madeline Bedside TableFillmore Bedside Table

Juliette Bedside Table
But for average $350, I was not keen on buying one even though they are so cute and unlike ones at other shops in the area.

On Monday night I saw this on my local buy swap and sell Facebook site and for $12 I was over the moon.
 I saw the potential. So I bought it and painted it white. Here is the first undercoat. Then I did 3 coats of gloss white. I already had all the paint so I literally only had to spend $12.
 Here it is in Heidi's room.
 I was debating about buying some legs for it but thought it might be a bit high and the legs are about $5 each so would make my bargain, less so.

 Oh and can you see my Frozen inspired prints on the chest of drawers? Not sure where to hang them yet.
 In other renovating news.....
The floors are up and the holes for stronger stumps are being dug.
 We need to sell these old boards. Anyone know how best to sell them? Gumtree?
 We are back to having dirt through the house again. Oh and now blow flies too. 'Tis the season.

 We have to cross over this mess to get to the bathroom. Urgh! Oh well it is for a good cause.


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