Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Progress on our girls bedroom

 I love my days off work. Today especially I got a lot done on the house. As for the house work, I managed to do one load of washing and one load of dishes and that's about it. It is certainly difficult to do both and look after a 3 year old.

So today I focused on painting. I did two coats of gloss on the window in her room and the arch around the door. I also finished the gloss paint on the chair rails which Dave installed when he came home from work.
And here is how it looks tonight! So much better now that the chair rail is on. Certain seems to tone down the purple colour.
Still to do:
- Touch up the ceiling paint which was supposed to be done when we originally painted this room about 10 years ago. Better late than never.
- Paint white over the ceiling rose which is currently two-toned with beige and white.
- Clean the ceiling fan
- Clean the carpet

The other thing I started to tackle today was painting the kiddie table and chairs. I started by sanding off all of the varnish.

 When at Bunnings, Heidi chose this colour for the chairs. This wasn't part of my plan, but I said I would give it a try and see if it will work.
 Here is what it looked like after one coat. She loves it. I am not so sure but thought maybe I could use it next to her bed and then keep the table and other chair white and put that in a different spot in her room.
I just did an undercoat of primer on the table and other chair. Which actually need to be repaired first. It looks so much better white don't you think? I hated that orange coloured varnish.

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  1. What are the names of the purple and grey you used - they are beautiful!