Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sherwin-Williams at Masters

I just popped up to Masters to select some paint colours for Heidi's big girl room. I wanted to go there because I knew that they had Valspar paint which I perfer over Dulux colours. After I was standing at the Valspar section for about 10 mins I turned around and got a big surprise.

They now stock the American Sherwin-Williams paints!!!! Just in time for me to do Heidi's room.
Of course I stocked up on colour booklets an sample cards.

I am so excited. Yay for Masters.



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  2. Their colours are gorgeous and I just LOVE how they have the room-to-room harmony set up. Beautiful complimentary colours that are right up my alley. Thats my kind of paint! Looking forward to seeing which one you choose :)

    1. Yes they certainly do give great guidance for picking colours. They just seem so professional compared to some others.

  3. The finished spaces look fantastic so far, well done! It's great to have liveable spaces back! I wouldn't mind having the Valspar range to look through... Dulux/Taubmans can feel somewhat limited at times. (Pssst, Masters, come to Tassie.)