Sunday, 4 October 2015

Our new living room

I am writing this post from the comfort of our new living area.

We had a busy long weekend here (hooray for an AFL Grand Final new long weekend).

It started on Friday when I was up at 5:45, getting started on painting the underside of the staircase.

After 1 coat of primer:

Actually I just remembered I still want to do a third top coat on these. Oh well, one day.

Dave's focus was to get the shelves around the TV done. First he installed the cleats that I had previously painted.
 Then he cut all the MDF for the shelves in his makeshift tent to stop the poisonous dust flying over the neighbour's fence.
 We ran out of MDF so had to duck down to Bunnings (lucky it is so close) and grab some more.
 With help from our wonderful neighbour we got them inside.
 It was a big challenge to get the return shelves in. We started with the top one and then had to lift that up again to get the second in and so on.
 Once they were all in place, Dave cut some thick pine and attached them to the face to make it look more solid and to also stop them sagging.
 This is what they looked like after installation.
Then I had to start filling, sanding and painting them. After one undercoat them looked like this. Also not that in this picture the room is cleared out (minus some flooring and tools) ready for the furniture. And Hello TV!!! We moved that from the front room and little miss Heidi is sitting in that big chair watching TV in a whole new light.
 From a different angle. Obviously we still need to get all the drawers made. I am nagging Dave to ask his brother to do that.
 So is the is result for the end of the weekend. The kids love it and it actually feels bigger than I thought. Some new couches and rugs and it will look brill!

 We also worked outside. We cleared out 2 ute loads of rubbish which was required in order to move the stuff out of the back room to make way for the furniture. Also we got one coat of yellow paint on the outside east wall. Still one more to so there. Dave put some plinth boards on that wall too. I did the first coat of aqua-enamel on the white part of the fireplace. I need to sand it and do one more.

So now we are exhausted. I need to do two top coats of aqua-enamel on the shelves and fireplace but that can be done during the week.

Hope you had a productive weekend too.


  1. You must be LOVING having your living room back! Wow! You've done so much and it looks so well. We start our reno in two weeks time and I'm nervous and excited! Cant wait to move our couch in, just like this, and feel elated!!!

    1. It almost feels surreal em.
      Good luck with your reno :)

  2. Quick Question Nat - what floorboards did you use? We are having trouble deciding!