Sunday, 28 September 2014

Let there be space

A huge change at This Little Yellow House this weekend. It was never the plan for the weekend  and we thought maybe we bit off more than we could chew. Thankfully it was chewable.

Initially we just planned to finish the metal work and lay the missing flooring. Instead, we realised to do this properly, we really had to remove the bi-fold doors and move them to their permanent home at the back of the house.

And WOW!!  I couldn't be happier with the result.

It all started on Friday after work with Dave doing a small job that had to be done. The bolts on the outdoor beams have to be covered with 50mm of grout to stop them rusting. A very dull but necessary job according to the surveyor.
 Then Saturday morning we began with removing the bi-fold doors from their old position next to the kitchen.
Sammy was a great helper as always
 The doors are gone. You can see the missing floor that we had to lay.
 Moving the door frame into place was a bit tricky for us as it was a very tight fit, but we did it without too much grief.
 Looking back to the kitchen where the doors use to be.
I'd been desperate to finish this floor and make it safe for the kids.
 It felt so much more open instantly. We then had to move and remove the workbench and wall that was there.

Removing the workbench and wall
 The kids helping to rake the dirt flat under the floor joists.
A messy job. Of course the kids loved it.

Bench and wall gone
 By about 9pm on Saturday night, we'd finished laying the floor.
However the place wasn't safe because we could be bothered at that time to put the windows at that time of night. We just put the fly screens in the windows to keep the bugs and badies out.

Waking up this morning it felt so weird. We walked out to a large open space that seemed to much lighter. I loved it and so did the kids.

Space for the kids to play

Looking bad toward the bathroom
 The kids enjoyed having some cake and playing connect 4 in the new space.
 Then we had to lay the floor in the raised section where the new living room will be. But first we needed to install the metal brackets.
Aren't they sexy.
Sam was helping at every stage.
Clearing out the mess under the floor.
 Most of the floor was laid by dinner time.
 Look at all that space! I am in heaven.
 The floor was finished after dinner apart from a small section that we left up so the new gas lines can be run.
 No more chance of the kids falling down holes when coming down the ladder. Oh and we put the windows back into those large windows so we are all locked up downstairs now. Not hole proof but at least only bugs can get in now and not badies.
I feel like I can stretch out and breath again now. It is a big mess,but to me it feels wonderful and feels like progress.

I also did some window painting and a general clean up and threw out lots of rubbish.

So happy we got this much done. Lucky weather is warm today so I don't mind the holes everywhere.



  1. Yay!! It looks so good having been all opened up you must be so relieved to get that room back for the kids! Mine are going mental in our house at the moment so can completely relate.. I had to laugh about your keeping the baddies out comment, so pleased to hear no baddies will be in your place anytime soon! X

    1. Bugs on the other hand are allowed entry apparently. I feel like I am living in a big box. So many flies and months and mozzies. Grrrrr... LOL

  2. Amazing what a difference one change can make! Looks wonderful, and I bet it feels good to have another job ticked off that list!

    1. Thanks. I think this has been the change that has made the biggest difference so far. It may not be completely usable space, but you can now see the bigger picture :)

  3. WOW huge amount of space and what a big difference! Going to be amazing

    1. Thanks Leanne. I am getting a bit worried that it will be too dark inside. But I guess it will be cool in summer.