Saturday, 27 April 2013

Chicken Feed

We have neighbours across the road who will often bring us fresh eggs from their chickens. Hubby and I have often thought about getting chickens. Infact our house used to have a chicken coop in the back corner where the shed now is.

Our neighbours have gone to New Zealand for 3 weeks so they asked if we would feed the chickens and collect the eggs and feed the little dog. The kids were so excited when they found out our job for the next 3 weeks. The best bit is that we can keep all the eggs. So I think the next few weeks will be filled with omletes, quiche and scrambled eggs.

They have 6 gorgeous hens. We let them out so they can peck around in the backyard. The boys wanted to pick them up all the time. The little dog is a jumper and a licker but very friendly. Poor Heidi got pinnned to the ground and licked all over. I have to run to save her, but that didn't stop her going back for more. She has no fear that kid.
We collected 5 eggs today.

Chicken coops. Good for so many reasons :)

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