Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ensuite colours delima

If there is one thing that is true about me is that I really suck at making decisions about colours. You have no idea how long it took us to decide on the colours for the outside of the house. I was torn between doing indian red weatherboards with white trims or the yellow with white and green trims. The scaredy cat in me said to go with the safer yellow. But that was after months and months of looking at greys and blues and everything else that was current at the time.

Now my problem is the ensuite. Do I got crispy white or do I blend it with the colours in the bedroom? The bedroom has green walls, white trims and dark brown furniture. If I stuck with that look I could do the ensuite a bit like this (actually from YHL Blog):

Then the white trims would match the rest of the house, the green walls would match our bedroom and the dark wood would match our bedroom furniture.

Or, do I keep it simple and safe with neutrals like our main bathroom?

Other bathrooms I love:

Way too big for our room but I like the small black handles and white vanity and benches with the green walls and the gorgeous wall lights.

I really like this style vanity either in white or chocolate brown. It is from Pottery Barn but I saw that Early Settler had a similar one but I think they dicontinued it this year.

This is just elegant and I live that window in the show. Ours will have a window but up higher I think.

I love the colours in the room and especiallythose tiles behind the mirrors and thr crispy white towels.

I also have to think which would be the easiest to achieve on a tight budget.

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